Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were all sweltering in the heat of summer and wondering when it would ever rain. Well, Mother Nature has well and truly taken care of that issue for us with the last weeks of wind and downpours.

Not only that, but suddenly the temperature has dropped and now the Met Office is forecasting snow this week in some parts of the country!


Yes, we’re afraid so. But in case we hadn’t noticed, it’s November 27th as we write this, and it’s only four weeks until Christmas! As the old saying goes, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!

But seriously, with Christmas just around the corner it’s time to choose those Christmas presents for friends and family, and what could be better for those who have a dog, or dogs, than some of the seasonal gifts we have at Goody Paws? Even better, when you shop for dog accessories online on our website, we have our Santa Paws collection which is just perfect for your best friend (that’s the one other than the humans) so that he / she can get dressed up smartly for the occasion, and it makes a great Christmas present for other dog lovers too.

Your Walk On Christmas Day Morning

Dress your dog in our Santa Paws adjustable harness and take him for a walk on a crisp Christmas Day morning with the Santa Paws lead attached. Take him to the park, the riverbank, or just down the road, and see the sort of reaction you get from all those other dog walkers out at the same time.They will be asking you wherever you got such a brilliant idea. (You can give them our web address so that they can shop with usif they would like to).

Shopping online is just so much easier than spending hours and days trudging around the High Street or the shopping centre trying to find something a bit different. It also saves all the hassle of trying to find a parking space, walking for ages, and then finding that you didn’t get any bright ideas for Christmas presents, so you have to jump back in the car and go to the next town and shopping centre.

This Christmas, make your life easier and shop for dog accessories online on the Goody Paws website. As Del Boy always said, you know it makes sense.

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