Classy Accessories For Your Canine Friend

Classy Accessories For Your Canine Friend

If you are a dog lover, you will always want to do everything that you can for your pet. You want him, or her, happy, well-fed, and able to get all the exercise that he / she needs. Of course, some dogs need a lot more exercise than others. For instance, if you keep a Jack Russell terrier or a Greyhound, they can keep going all day. Take them to the forest or the beach, let them off the lead, and they are away!

As a former owner of two Jack Russell’s, this writer knows only too well. On one occasion, having just completed a six-mile circular trek through a forest and finally got back to the car park, the said JRT shot across it, ran up the starting track, and then looked back as much as to say: “aren’t we going round again?” So, not only does your dog get exercise, but so do you, and that’s a good thing.

Of course, another thing that you can do today is to provide your hound with smart and classy accessories such as a lead, collar, adjustable harness, and perhaps for that special occasion, a bow tie. Long gone are the days when they were just a plain old brown leather lead and collar. Today, you can shop for dog accessories online, and they are available in an assortment of different designs and patterns.

That means that you can make your dog stand out from the crowd, and also means that he or she is easy to spot in a crowded area. When you shop for dog accessories online at Goody Paws, we have a wide choice of different patterns and designs, all made right here at our workshop in Radcliffe, Bury, north of Manchester.

Oh So Dotty

Take our “Oh So Dotty” collection. These are designed in a bright pink with white dots all over them. So, you can dress your dog with matching lead, collar, and harness, that will make your dog stand out. You’ll find that people start to comment and ask you where you got them from!

Oh, and they also come with a poop bag dispenser. After all, do you really want to walk around the beach or up the high street with a poop bag swinging in your hand? Of course not. Our poop bag dispenser attaches to the lead and keeps the messy stuff hidden until you can find an appropriate bin. Goody goody!

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