Dog Accessories With A Difference At Goody Paws

Dog Accessories With A Difference At Goody Paws

In the UK there are some 12 million pet dogs, with nearly one third of all families / households owning one or more. It is not really surprising, because dogs make for the very greatest pets and will be your friends for life.

They also bring great benefits with them. They can keep your home secure, particularly if you have a large breed, because burglars will think twice if they know that there is a dog on the premises. Even if they don’t, if they hear barking, they are very likely to choose somewhere else from which to steal.

Dogs have another great benefit too, and that is that they need a lot of walkies. That means that, as a dog owner, you get a lot of exercise too. Maybe not quite as much as your dog, because when you take them out into the countryside – fields, woods, and so on – or to the beach, they will go tearing off all over the place sniffing out this and that and meeting other dogs. But you will still get regular exercise which helps to keep you fit as well.

Apart from that, and feeding and regular brushing, and the occasional bath, dogs do not take up a lot your time either.

Some Accessories

When you keep a dog, you do need certain accessories, although not many. A collar and lead were once considered enough by many people, but today a lot of dog owners use an adjustable harness instead of a collar. A harness can be much more comfortable for your dog, particularly if he or she tends to pull on the lead, as it cannot harm the neck.

At Goody Paws our mission in life is to make your dog’s life as comfortable as possible, while at the same time allowing you to indulge in a certain amount of pleasure by choosing designs that take these basics beyond merely being functional. When you shop for dog accessories online with us, we provide collars, leads, harnesses, poop bag dispensers, bow ties, and more, all in a choice of different patterns that allow your hound to stand out from the crowd!

When you shop for dog accessories online here, we provide some beautiful different patterns as you will see when you take a look at our collections. So, for example, you might like our Stewart Tartan. But there are many other choices available as well. Find the one that takes your fancy, and your pet will look great.

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