Goody Paws' Amazing Accessories

Goody Paws' Amazing Accessories

Our furry BFFs are more than just partners in crime - they're our forever families! That's why the Goody Paws pack has made it our fluffy mission to deliver dog moms and dads everywhere the awesomely styled and functional accessories their cute canines deserve.

With free UK shipping on orders over £40 and prices that keep tails wagging, discover the leashes, collars, harnesses, apparel, toys, treats, and more that your pup needs to live their best life.

Our Product Lines

We carefully created a wide selection for our shop dog accessories online:

  • Harnesses
  • Collars
  • Leads
  • Bow Ties
  • Poop Bag Dispenser
  • Toys
  • Doggy Deli
  • Gift Cards


Prevent pulling while keeping sensitive necks protected with one of our thoughtfully designed no-pull harnesses made for ultimate comfort:

The plush padding reduces strain across the chest and belly. H-style configurations with an O-ring on the back are recommended for strong pullers.

Harnesses provide increased control over standard collars without restricting airflow or movement.


We offer nylon and leather options available in a variety of colours and fun prints that suit any dog's personality.

Designed to prevent escape artists from slipping their collars. The straps gently tighten when pulled then immediately loosen once pressure releases.

Luxe genuine leather collars add sophistication. Super durable and comfortable too.


What dog doesn't love a good toy? Entertain and enrich your pup's life with our wide selection of dog toys. With different sizes, textures, sounds and mechanical features - we make it easy to find options tailored to your dog's needs and play preferences.

Skyrocket their drive to run and chase toys that travel impressive distances through the air.

Durable rubber, nylon or flavoured chewing toy options that stand up to aggressive chomping action from extreme chewers. Flexible bristles gently clean teeth too.

Poop Bag Dispenser

Portable rolls easily dispense bags for quick pick up and disposal of waste until finding a garbage can without smell or mess. Carry case clips onto leashes for effortless accessibility.

No matter the adventure - we supply the gear for safe and seamless journeys together.

As dog lovers ourselves, we’re committed to keeping essential supplies reasonably affordable for fur parents nationwide by offering competitive prices and running frequent sales events.

Our customer care team aims to deliver prompt, courteous support across phone, email, online chat or social channels with any questions about fit guides, product recommendations and order inquiries.

Join our pack today and check out our shop for accessories online that cater to your dog’s needs and personality.

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