Goody Paws – The Best Shop For Dog Accessories Online

Goody Paws – The Best Shop For Dog Accessories Online

Depending upon who you believe, there are somewhere between 11 million and 12 million dogs in the UK, with some 29% to 31% of adults being dog owners.

There are some great benefits to owning a dog, since they will quickly become great friends – and in a lot of instances your best friend. They can be a huge amount of fun, and they keep you fit. When you own a dog, you have to take them out for walks, and some dogs, especially the smaller ones such as Jack Russell’s, can go on for hours and hours. This writer remembers vividly an occasion when, having been in the forest for about 2½ hours, we finally got back to the car park, and young Merlin shot off past the car and up the track where we started, fully ready to go round again!

Of course, when you keep a dog there are certain things that you need such as a lead, collar, and harness, and at Goody Paws we are known as the best shop for dog accessories online. This is because we are specialists in dog accessories and toys and do nothing else.

Not As Many Choices As At Goody Paws

If you go to a pet shop you will find that they have accessories for all sorts of animals, not just dogs. So, there are items for cats, birds, hamsters, chickens, fish, and a lot more. While there will be a number of things for dogs, there won’t be nearly as many as we have on offer at Goody Paws.

Just take a look at all the different designs and colours that we have. Many of our customers love them so much that they buy a set of accessories in different patterns. So, for example, that enables them to match the dog’s collar, lead, and harness with a colour of clothing that they are wearing themselves on any given day. Or on another day, maybe they will have the hound in a different colour and design to contrast with what they are wearing.

As the best shop for dog accessories online, we don’t stop at the essentials. We also have bow ties to match, and even poop bags. You won’t find that at your local pet shop!

Take a scroll around our website and you will be really surprised at the choices that we have on offer.

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