Goody Paws - Your Pet's Favorite Store!

Goody Paws - Your Pet's Favorite Store!

Is your pup pulling way too much on walks and nearly yanking your arm off? Or maybe your fur baby has turned into Houdini by slipping out of their collar or harness again! I feel you.

Trying to find the perfect adjustable harness fit for your growing little sausage dog can be positively frustrating. Let us help you and your four-legged friend live happily tail after tail.

Why Should You Choose an Adjustable Dog Harness?

  • Adjustable harnesses can expand to fit your growing pet.
  • A properly fitted harness does not rub or chafe. It also gives you better control.
  • One adjustable harness can be used for years as your dog's size changes. No need to keep buying new ones!
  • Fully adjustable straps and an assortment of padded vest options allow you to customise the harness to your dog's unique needs.

Why Shop Goody Paws for Adjustable Dog Harnesses:

High-Quality Materials - Durable nylon and soft, breathable padding for comfort and security.

Wide Range of Sizes - Harnesses built for tiny teacups to massive Mastiffs! 

Fully Adjustable Fit - Our custom strapping system allows for a truly customised fit.

Designs for Every Dog - Choose from basic, sporty, service dog, and even patriotic styles!

Types of Adjustable Dog Harnesses

  • Basic Harness – A simple option with adjustable straps across the chest and neck. Great for casual walks.
  • No-pull harness – Designed to gently discourage pulling with a front clip for better control. Can be worn daily.
  • Car Safety Harness – Crash-tested harnesses that attach to a seat belt system to restrain dogs while driving.
  • Outdoor Adventure Harness – Rugged, heavy-duty harnesses built for challenging hikes, runs, or treks. Highly adjustable for gear too.
  • Service Dog Vest Harness - Allows working dogs to prominently display their status while staying securely fastened.
  • Walking Harness with Pockets – Features handy storage pouches for carrying dog waste bags and other small essentials hands-free.

The Right Fit Matters

  • Adjust the harness so it’s tight enough. Your dog can't wiggle out but can still breathe easily.
  • Your pup should be able to walk, run, sit and lie down without the harness feeling restrictive.
  • Check the harness straps after each use for rubbing, either under the legs or around the neck. Adjust accordingly.

Shop now to get the walking experience you and your dog deserve!

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