Guess How Many Dogs Live In The UK: Answer – 13 Million!

Guess How Many Dogs Live In The UK: Answer – 13 Million!

We have all heard the expression that “a dog is man’s best friend”, and it is so very true. No matter your home circumstances, most people can have a dog as a pet - unless you live in rented accommodation and the landlord doesn’t permit it. This is why some 62% of all British homes have a dog, according to the UK Pet Food Manufacturers Association, and that totals some 13 million dogs.

Dogs are loyal, trustworthy, and by and large obedient. They very quickly become part of the family. They look up to you as their master / mistress and they not only provide you with incredible company but provide several benefits too.

Not the least of these is exercise. We all know that we should take more exercise than many of us do. So, we may skip that walk and sit and watch the TV. However, when you have a dog, you have no choice. Your friend needs to walk and get exercise, and that means that you are going to get that exercise too. So, a dog is a health benefit.

A Lot More Exercise Than The Owner

Mind you, the dog usually gets much more exercise than the owner. Take your dog out into the woods or the fields and let him off the lead. You walk along the path or in a straight line across the field, but your pet is everywhere – darting about sniffing this and that. I always used to reckon that my Jack Russell did 2.5 times the distance that I did when walking in the woods, and a quick calculation worked out that he did the equivalent of walking / running two thirds of the way around the world during his lifetime!

Dogs don’t require a lot in the way of material things. A collar, a lead, a harness, good food, and water, and they are happy. We can provide you with all of those at Goody Paws, apart from the food and water! You can buy dog collars online from our website that will team beautifully with our leads and harnesses.

Not only that, but when you choose one of our comfortable dog collars, the choice of patterns means that when your dog is chasing around with a dozen others on the beach you will be able to spot him or her easily with that beautiful collar.

When you buy dog collars online from us, you can add a tag with his / her name, and your phone number on it. That way, if ever your dog should get lost, whoever finds him can easily ensure that you are reunited ASAP.

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