Happy New Year 2020! credit: Getty Images

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2020! credit: Getty Images

Happy New Year!

We'd like to thank each and every one of our amazing customers that have supported us over the last two years. Its been a rollercoaster of highs and lows but ultimately we couldn't do it without you.

But with the end of the Christmas break looming, I’m sure parents out there are excited that the kids are going back to school, and dreading the fact that normality is returning, and you’ll be back into your work schedule within the week.

Don’t forget this can be a tricky time for your pets too as dogs and cats are particularly vulnerable to change in their schedules and are likely to feel the effect of an “empty nest” as your family gets back to the grind. You may notice small changes in their behaviour as they readjust to not having you at home all the time. Even if they are usually perfectly house trained you may notice the odd accident, increased howling and barking, and a few teeth marks in your shoes!

Ways You Can Help

Keep them entertained. It can’t be that exciting being home alone all day, especially if the Real Housewives reruns is not your thing. Leaving your dog with boredom-busting toys like Kong toys filled with treats, deer antlers and buffalo horns filled with peanut butter, can help keep them entertained for hours. For cats you’ve got the option of scratching posts, automated laser machines and for the extra energetic, cat gyms are available.

Tire them out. Taking your dog for a long walk in the morning before work will help burn off some excess energy and leave them more relaxed for a day home alone. If you don’t have time, or you’re not a fan of the dark cold mornings, drop us a message or give us a call and we can help out.

You could find that your pet adjusts perfectly fine to being home alone, but for those that don’t, we can help. From dog walking while you are at work to just dropping in to provide some company for your pet. Get it touch to see how we can help.
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