Oh My Dog! - The Puppy Stop for Harnesses & More

Oh My Dog! - The Puppy Stop for Harnesses & More

We specialise in comfortable, safe, and stylish dog accessories made just for puppies. Browse our collection of adorable adjustable dog harnesses for puppies, collars, leashes, and more for your furry friend.

Dog Harnesses Specially Designed for Puppies

A proper harness is essential. Our high-quality harnesses are crafted with padded materials to prevent chafing.

  • Adjustable for Growing Puppies - Our harnesses feature multiple adjustment points to accommodate growing puppies at every stage. No need to keep buying new sizes!
  • Customisable Fit - Slide straps, side-release buckles, and padded chest plates provide a customisable fit for puppies of all shapes and sizes. Get the perfect fit for maximum comfort and security.
  • Safe Design - Control your pup without straining its delicate neck and trachea. Our Y-shaped design with a sturdy handle evenly distributes pressure for safety.

Fun, Playful Styles They'll Love

We believe walks should be fun! Our cute prints and colours make sure your pup stands out from the crowd.

  • Vibrant Colors - From bright solids to colour blocks and patterns, we have harnesses as vibrant as your puppy's personality!
  • Playful Prints - Fun prints like stars, hearts, bones and more add a pop of personality.
  • Themed Styles - Choose from cute themes like space, jungle, floral and lots more. Your pup will look paw-some!

High-Quality Materials for Durability and Comfort

Our weatherproof adjustable dog harness for puppies features soft, breathable padding designed for all-day play and walks.

  • Padding Over Breastbone - Extra padding atop the chest plate prevents rubbing against tender skin.
  • Lightweight Mesh - Breathable mesh layers keep pups cool and comfy in warm weather.
  • Durable Fabrics - Tough outer layers stand up to whatever adventures your puppy gets into!

Safety First

While cute accessories are fun, safety is our top concern for your growing pup. Our thoughtful designs provide security, visibility, and restraint without impeding movement.

  • High Visibility - Reflective straps, trims and accents help keep your pup visible at night.
  • Double Security - Dual connection points evenly distribute pressure across the body for added security.
  • Traffic Handle - Useful for safely guiding puppies near streets or other dangers. Gain better control without straining their delicate necks.

We Cannot Wait to Spoil Your Pup

Welcome home your fuzzy little fur baby with the best puppy accessories on the market. Shop our collection now to give them a strong, stylish start to a happy, healthy life full of playtime, snuggles and adventures with you! Reach out anytime with questions - we're always happy to offer fitting advice or product recommendations.

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