Shop For Dog Accessories The Easy Way

Shop For Dog Accessories The Easy Way

When you are a dog owner, there are always some things that you need for your pet’s safety, security, and comfort. Among others, a dog basket, possibly a kennel so that he can be outside in the garden in the summer even if you are not at home, and items like collars, leads, harnesses, poop bags, and more.

At Goody Paws, we do not provide items such as kennels and dog baskets, but we offer a complete range of dog leads, collars, harnesses, and so on.

One of the advantages of using our online shop for these items is the huge number of choices that you have. If you go to your local pet shop, they will certainly have some of these, but the choices are usually limited because pet shops cater for many different types of pets, and there are only so many that they have room to stock.

We are specialists in dogs and nothing else. So, for instance, we don’t make cat collars, supply fish tanks, hamster cages with wheels, rabbit cages, bird cages and stands, and so on. We are strictly for dogs.

Wide Range Of Designs

This is why, when you shop for dog leads online, for example, we have a wide range of designs. From a functional point of view, they all work in the same way and are made of the same materials. But if you want your furry friend to stand out from the crowd, then we have you covered with our choices of colours and patterns.

This is great for when you are in the park and your dog is running about and playing with other dogs, because you can spot him or her from a long way off simply because of your chosen harness or collar pattern. With Goody Paws designs, your dog will be different.

Our designs are not only completely different from the run of the mill, but frequently impress other dog owners. Many of our customers tell us that they have chatted to other dog owners while out walkies, only to be asked “Where on earth did you get that?” referring to the collar, harness or lead.

Not only can you have a matching set of lead, collar, and harness (and also poop bag) but you could mix them up as well. So, for example, if you shop for dog leads online with us, you could have the lead in one pattern and the collar or harness in another. We give you lots and lots of options.

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