Should Your Dog Wear A Collar Or A Harness?

Should Your Dog Wear A Collar Or A Harness?

That’s a very good question. At Goody Paws, we make both harnesses and collars in your choice of bright and smart colours, so you have an option.

So, what are the advantages / disadvantages of collars and harnesses? When you buy an adjustable dog harness online from us it is a great way to help with training a puppy. Of course, dogs come in different sizes according to the breed, so if you have a chihuahua it is pretty small, whereas if you choose a St Bernard, it will probably be nearly as big as you are! You can buy an adjustable dog harness online from us in four different sizes – large, medium, small, and extra small - in order to fit your particular breed. Since they are adjustable you can enlarge them as the puppy grows.

A dog harness can help your dog learn not to pull on the lead as it may do with a collar. A harness can also be good for breeds like chihuahuas and pugs which can risk their eyeballs protruding if there is too much pressure on the neck with a collar. Harnesses are also good for any dog that may have a neck injury or has breathing / respiratory issues.

Your Dog May Not Like It

However, there is also a possibility that your dog may simply not like wearing a harness. In this case, a collar is the obvious answer. A collar is very easy to put on and take off. It also has another big benefit because if your dog gets free or runs away while out on a walk, as long as you have a tag on the collar it is more likely to be identified and returned home.

(On that note, here is a tip. If your dog runs off while walking in the forest, stay where you are! You may have to wait half an hour, but he is more likely to come back to the place where he left you and ran off. If you move around looking for him and he comes back and you are not there, he will simply be confused).

Ultimately, the choice between a collar and a harness is up to you. However, the best idea is to buy both. Then you can use the harness for walks, as long as he is comfortable with it, and a collar with tags the rest of the time.

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