Studies Show That Dogs Are Indeed Man’s Best Friend

Studies Show That Dogs Are Indeed Man’s Best Friend

It is well-known that dogs are man’s best friend, but they do much more than just hang out with us. Dogs provide emotional support when we are stressed or anxious and are highly attentive to us and our emotional states.

One study of 975 adult dog owners found that dogs ranked closely to romantic partners, and actually above best friends, children, parents, and siblings, when their owners were asked who they turn to when feeling a variety of ways. They can help you with dating too. In another study on Bumble and Tinder, it was found that photos of people with their dogs received 58% more messages than those of people without! Man’s, or woman’s, best friend indeed!

Not only are dogs our best friends, but they also help us in other ways too. Many people today do not exercise, or at least do not exercise as much as they should, in order to keep fit and healthy. When you have a dog, you are going to get exercise, because you have to take the dog out for walks. And not just a couple of times a week, but every day, and in some cases twice a day.

While writing this, I remembered that with my second Jack Russell I calculated that during his lifetime I had walked the equivalent of two thirds of the way round the world! The way that dogs run around when off the lead, he had probably done around five times that distance. That’s over 80,000 miles!

Dog Collars In Bright Colours And Patterns

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