There Are Many Benefits To Owning A Dog

There Are Many Benefits To Owning A Dog

If you have never owned a dog before, or even if you have but don’t have one at present, then you may be surprised to learn of all the benefits that a pet dog can bring you. Nearly one third of the population of the UK (29%) are dog owners, and there are some 11 million dogs.

One of the best ways to become a dog owner is to choose a puppy that is a few weeks old and ready to leave its’ mother. When you have a puppy, you can bring him (or her) up in your own home and train it properly. Puppies learn quickly and provided that you do train it correctly it will become obedient and behave in the way that you wish.

Owning a puppy is also great fun. It is much the same as bringing up a child, which gives joy and pleasure to the parents. There is a difference though, in that the lifespan of a dog is a lot less than ours, so your dog will be fully grown and an adult by the age of two. Up until that age, they behave much like human kids do!

Health Benefits

Believe it or not, owning a dog has health benefits for you too. Apart from the fact that your dog needs walkies, which means that you get walkies too whether you feel like it or not, and so you keep physically fit that way, studies have shown that owning a dog has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, hypertension, stress-related issues, cardiovascular disease, and even allergies and infections! Who would have thought it?

When considering a puppy, you have to decide upon the breed. You can get one as small as a chihuahua or as big as a mastiff which can weigh an average 230 pounds. To save you the sum, that is over 16 stone! That is a lot of dog!

Whichever you choose, you need to use a harness in order to train it properly. At Goody Paws we produce an adjustable dog harness for puppies so that it can fit your new pet as a pup and can be expanded as it grows. Depending upon the size of the breed, eventually you may have to invest in a larger one, of course.

An adjustable harness for puppies will ensure that it is the perfect fit – not too tight, and not too loose – so it won’t cause your puppy any pain or discomfort and at the same time it won’t be able to wriggle out of it.

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