Time To Buy Your Dog’s Christmas Presents At Goody Paws

Time To Buy Your Dog’s Christmas Presents At Goody Paws

Christmas is coming, and it isn’t very far away. Before you know it, there will be turkey and roast potatoes, and Christmas pudding on the table with a couple of holly leaves in it.

So, it is time to get cracking and start buying all those Christmas presents for family and friends. And don’t forget the dog!

Yes, your dog is a family member, so he or she should have a present or two as well. The dog can have turkey for dinner too. After that, it is time to put on your wellies and get out into the fields or the woods for a refreshing walk.

At Goody Paws we have some absolutely great gifts for your mutt. Take a look at our Rudy the Reindeer Eco dog toy which will give your pet hours of fun. It is made using 100% natural jute, which is a plant fibre that is completely biodegradable. The jute is covered in suede, which is a by-product of clothing and other items, so it is eco-friendly and ensures that the off-cuts are not wasted.

Maybe your dog would like Barry the Banana or Jean Genie The Gingerbread Person? Then there is Stickman which is another in the range. Perhaps you’d prefer Harry the Hot Dog? A Hot Dog for your hot dog! Geddit? They are all made using the same materials so are perfect Christmas presents for the hound.

Dog Harnesses

How about a special Christmas-design adjustable dog harness in the UK for your pet? Yes, we sat down and produced some great ideas for harnesses. The team decided that the two best ones were the Santa Paws adjustable dog harness and the Dogs Dinner. The Santa Paws is in a lovely shade of blue covered in pictures of Santa, Christmas trees, and reindeer all out and about in the falling snow.

The Dogs Dinner adjustable dog harness in the UK is in white and has teddies, dog bones, Christmas puddings, and so on in the design. Both of these harnesses are in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, and L, so will fit everything from a chihuahua to a Neapolitan mastiff.

Not only do we have our Christmas design harnesses, but there are also adjustable dog collars, dog leads, bow ties, and even matching poop bag dispensers.

So, click on the Christmas link on the home page and check out these perfect presents for your pooch.

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