What’s Best? A Collar Or A Harness For Your Puppy?

What’s Best? A Collar Or A Harness For Your Puppy?

If you are a dog owner and have a dog that has been with you for some time, he or she is part of the family. (Truth to tell, you may love your dog more than certain other members of the family!). And in return, your dog will love you.

Equally, if you have just bought, or are just about to buy, a puppy, and you have never had a dog before, you are in for one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Dogs are amazing animals and after a week you will wonder why it is that you never had one before.

Bringing up a puppy is somewhat similar to bringing up a child, but the process is a lot quicker. In six months’ time your puppy will be near enough fully grown, although still acting somewhat like a teenager. It isn’t until the age of about two that a young dog really settles down and becomes more like an adult human.

A big advantage of owning a dog is that they do not need a huge amount of care. Yes, as a puppy, they need training so that they behave in the way that you would wish, but that aside, they need a lot of exercise, obviously, food and water, brushing of the coat, and the occasional bath. And that is about the extent of it. You have a friend for life.

A Harness Is Best For Puppies

When it comes to walks, you obviously need a lead, and a collar or harness. Without doubt, the best thing to use is an adjustable dog harness for puppies.


Quite simply, a young puppy will most likely pull on the leash until you have started to train him or her, and this could damage the trachea, particularly with small breeds such as chihuahuas. When you use a harness, this won’t happen.

Furthermore, with an adjustable dog harness for puppies, any pressure is spread out over a greater area of the body and so this actually gives you greater control as you walk. Another advantage is that, because the harness is adjustable, you can expand it as your puppy grows.

At Goody Paws we provide dog harnesses in a variety of distinct patterns and colours, so you can choose the design that inspires you the best. They all work in exactly the same way – it’s just the appearance which is different.

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